Frequently asked questions

How do I power on the device?

Simply press and hold the middle button (the one with our logo), wait for the led screen to light up

How do I change modes?

Press the power button once and the LED will change to 0, increase the intensity and you will feel a different mode, repeat again to move onto the next mode.

Is there anywhere I am not supposed to put the device?

Yes, there are a few places in which the device can't be used 1. Anywhere around the heart 2. Neck and throat areas 3. Your head and face Otherwise the device works well in all other areas of the body!

What is the warranty period on my product?

Every IMETPRO comes with a 1 year standard warranty, proof of purchase is required if product is faulty.


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IMETPRO is a drug free pain relief, which uses EMS technology to circulate blood flow, which helps reduce inflammation!

IMETPRO will also help improve muscle recovery for those who are wanting to achieve their fitness goals faster!


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